It seems like just yesterday that I was sitting in my mum’s kitchen writing up my blog post about what’s in season in July, I can’t believe how fast this summer is whizzing past, this is my excuse for taking so long to post it anyway. This is going to be a short post as much of the fruit and veg in season in August is just a continuation of June and July seasonal food.


WATERMELON – Thankfully this refreshing fruit is in season till the end of August so we still have plenty of time to enjoy it.  


SWEETCORN – These golden gems are in season on the cob from Mid-August till Mid-September. The kernels when ripe are sweet and juicy. Due to the natural sugars in the kernels it can turn to starch quickly this makes the kernels tougher and less sweet. TIP: If you keep the sweetcorn in the husk it stays fresh for longer. SUGGESTION: I find the best way to eat sweetcorn is to cook it and then add some butter or you can never go wrong with tuna and sweetcorn. If you want to be a bit more adventurous some sweetcorn fritters are an ideal quick supper. 

PLUM – This juicy stoned fruit comes in a variety of different colours such as yellow, red and dark purple. As well as the variety in colour plums also have a variety in taste, some are sweet and some are tart. Plums are normally in season all year round however the British variety comes in to Season mid-August till October. TIP: When choosing plums avoid the ones that feel soft where the dimple is as they’re overripe. SUGGESTION: An obvious thing to make with plums is Plum Jam, which can be a nice alternative to your bog standard strawberry or raspberry jam. you could also make an upside down plum cake as a nice afternoon tea treat. 

FIG – This unusual fruit originally comes from Asia, but are now widely available across the Mediterranean. Figs aren’t really juicy but they are very decedent and they come in a variety of luscious colours such as white, green and red. Figs are in season between August and October. TIPS: Figs are best eaten at room temperature. Also when cleaning them make sure to gently wipe them with a damp cloth. SUGGESTION: Figs are lovely in a salad with some Goat cheese, or roasted with some honey for an extra treat.