I have unfortunately been MIA these past few months and this has been down to a big change in my life. I have moved halfway across the world and relocated back to my second home as I like to think of it, Doha, Qatar. I have spent the past few months reorganising my life and packing up my belongings and have unfortunately not had the time to indulge in my passion and hobby that is all things food.  However this is going to all change now that everything has finally started to settle down and my life has got back to a more manageable and less chaotic pace.

My blog is going to change a little from when I was living in the UK, but you will be glad to hear not too drastically. First I will be no longer be continuing the What’s In Season Series, the reason for this is that in Qatar this does not really apply. Unlike the UK where a lot of fruit and veg are home grown as well as being imported, in Qatar they are hugely imported from nearby countries such as Turkey, Egypt etc. So it would be fruitless for me to research and take full advantage of Seasonal Food in Qatar. This is for me a minute downside of moving back. Another change is the look of the blog, I decided to go for a more laid back and stripped down look so as to draw more attention to my posts and give the blog a more elegant and classy look. Hope you like the new look 🙂

I look forward to advancing my food journey in Doha, as this tiny and intriguing Arabian Jewel has so much to offer in the way of food and I cannot wait to share my new adventure with you and show what this amazing little country has to offer.

The mysterious Souqs, which offer a different scent and sight with every turn of the corner, from spices to Qatari women selling good honest home cooked food on the streets and the various different restaurants that are dotted throughout the city, from Indian, Arabic, Turkish, French and many more restaurants from around the world. This is but a glimpse of what Qatar has to offer food wise.

So please keep coming back to my blog to see all my new posts about my Arabian food journey and as I continue advancing my general everyday food journey in the kitchen.