Hi my name is Kelly and I’m addicted to all things food. Welcome to my blog. I have started this blog to help me keep track of my food loving journey. My blog is going to show my foodie successes and even my foodie failures. I plan on showing you step by step guides to make scrummy cakes, beautiful breads, yummy meals and much more for your friends and family. You will also find baking and cooking tips, food and lifestyle facts and even the odd review from the world of food.

Now enough about my addiction to food, if your interested keep reading to learn a little bit about me.

My name is Kelly Steele, a Scottish girl based in the lovely multi-cultured city of Doha, Qatar. I have lived in Qatar in the Middle East on and off for 10 years, where  I developed a love for middle eastern food (sorry back to food again, I just can’t help myself) give me a chicken shwarama and fattoush and I am one happy girl. I went to School in Qatar, came back to Scotland for University where I studied Business Studies and then I returned to Qatar to work. This is where I met my husband who I have been married to for 4 years now, my husband is Iraqi/Turkish which excites me immensely as they have some of the most amazing food and I love to learn all about his native cuisines. His job then took us over to Birmingham, England temporary where we lived for 3 and a half years, until we finally moved back to Doha in January of this year.

If you love food as much as I do I hope you will enjoy this blog as much as I plan on having writing it and if you would like to know anything more about me then please let me know in the comments below.



8 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. skd says:

    Welcome kelly 🙂 You will find this WordPress community a very warm place to blog in. All the best and thank you for your likes and the follow …..


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