I have been in two minds whether or not I should buy this or not because I was worried it would be another one of those gadgets that I use for a few weeks and then stick it in the back of the kitchen cupboard and forget about it. However over the past few weeks with the really nice weather I have been finding myself craving smoothies. I thought this is the perfect time to finally bite the bullet and buy one as the weather is starting to get really nice and there is going to be a wide array of gorgeous fruit and veg. coming in to season, so this will be the perfect way to take advantage of their nutritional goodness.  

I have had my blender for a week now and I am absolutely in love with it. Unlike other blenders/juicers it is completely fuss free there is minimal cleaning and hassle. You simply fill up the bottle with your ingredients, screw on the lid, tip it upside down and clip into the blender, blend it all together, unscrew it, put on the lid and voila you have your drink. It’s as easy as that the only thing you have to wash is the blending blades and the bottle when you have finished your drink. 

The Blend Active blades are strong enough to crush ice and frozen fruit so it’s perfect to serve you really cool drinks in the summer heat. It also comes with a booklet that includes some yummy recipes for smoothies and milkshakes that I will defo be trying out. From now until the end of summer I will be posting my fave drink recipes of the moment. 

Here is my fave recipe of  this week;



1 x banana (frozen)

1 x apple

1 x Orange (make sure there are no seeds)

1 Cup of Kale

2 tbsps of Natural Yogurt

Some ice cubes



1. Chop your apple (keep the skin on), orange and banana and add it to the blending cup along with the Kale, yogurt and ice cubes.

2. Blend all the ingredients until smooth. You might have to shake the blender a little halfway through to make sure all the ingredients get blended.

3. Switch the lids, add a straw and enjoy 🙂


NOTE: The reason I called this Smoothie “Green Surprise” is because I really don’t like Kale however I decided to try this recipe because I have heard so many people say you can’t taste the Kale when you blend it with other ingredients. So I gave it a go and found out they were right and not only that the smoothie tasted great. What’s the point in adding the Kale if you can’t taste I hear many of you ask and it’s because of the nutritional value, check out this website if you want to find out more on the health benefits of Kale.